Not sure what I am going to do yet.

Existing Rear 10 inch rim and 275/60R 15

tire combination rubs the spring and fender lip.

Go back to 5 spokes ? 17s or 18s maybe ?

Who Knows ?


These look pretty cool.

Back in the day style only bigger.

US Mag U102

I also looked at: American Racing, ET,

Billet Specialties and Vintage Wheel Works.


Decision & Purchase Made

US Mags 17x8" and 18x9" U102s

BF Goodrich G-Force Sport Comp 2

245/45 17s and 255/45 18s.

Locally purchased. They beat the internet prices!

I eventually came to the above decision through

a lot of: research, measuring, input from Craig S,

budgetary limitations, back-order issues, etc.

Checking Clearances With Percy's WheelRite

Wheel and Tire Simulator. A very valuable tool.





Rear Wheel Mounting and Fitment Issues.

1) The existing wheel studs are too short overall.

2) The stud knurled sholder is too long and

has deformed the brake drum stud holes.

3) I need to retain the use of a 5/16" spacer

for future heavy duty 3rd member installation.

4) No available wheel stud will have the correct

dimensions, so I will need to machine to spec

the closest stud available.

Solutions . . .


(Today 6-14-19 at Lion Automotive)

Getting in my lathe time:

Bolts cut to length at home.


New spacers. Better quality, exact centered fitment.



Installing the new studs:

I made a thick plate that is relief cut on the back side

to pull the new studs into the holes. Worked great!

(In hindsight the plate should be of 1/4" plate).

I simply hammered the old studs out by putting

a lug nut on them that was flush with the end.

I have decided to go with the good old

Acorn style lug nuts. They just look correct to me.

The Acorn's required a shorter stud than the other "pass through"lugs,

but actually have more threads engaged on the stud due to their design.

The "Pass Through Spline Drive" lugs just don't look as good.


1st Trial Fit 6-7-19

Looks good for clearances so far.

The way it was back then

The Way It Is Now

Also new "smoothie" front bumper is installed.