In order to have proper wheel fitment, the front wheel offset has to be

taken back to the stock 1956 "0" offset specification.

72 Monte Carlo Brakes. Pushes wheel outboard by more than 1 inch.

Off-The-Rack modern wheels will never fit this setup correctly.


Craig S. tells me of a "Zero Offset" disc brake kit that's on eBay

which is sold by MGCHEVYPARTS.

I did a lot of research on this kit, also what others have done

and the costs of all the various parts the project will need.

Conclusion: I ordered the kit on 2-13-19.

A VERY complete kit to say the least and at a great price.

2-12-19. Establishing a "Zero Offset" starting point:

I found my cars original stock hubs that I removed in 1972. This now

allows me to know what was engineered in 1956.

The new hubs are almost identical to the stock 1956 outside flange

surface dimension. They are also beefier than the stock ones to boot.

(I had forgotten how noisy the original Ball Bearings are and

how sloppy the tolerances are for run-out).




Everything is looking really great. The kit is well engineered.

A true bolt on.



Making Up The New Brake Lines


Rear Brakes

The rear brakes are still stock 1956 Chevy, which

work just fine. I rebuilt them in 1999 and added

the "Self Adjusting" kits at that time. The above

photo shows them today with the new long studs.